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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sadiatec Mobile, iphone, PC, All IP Bangladesh Rate : 2.38 Yen & J-Mobile Bangladesh Rate: 3.57 Yen

Wholesale and Business solutions ::

Sadiatec is one of the largest voice traffic provider company based in Japan. We transmit our calls via only premium quality Tier 1 providers. Due to our sizeable traffic in wholesale minutes, we have some of the best international rates in the industry, and therefore are able to pass these savings to our clients. High ASR is the standard of our system.
We also provide following services for businesses:
All calling cards of Sadiatec Co. Ltd. are very popular due to it quality and price. You also can be easily a part of its sales channel and earn some extra money. Since Sadiatec prepaid calling cards can be used from computer, so anybody can do business from any location of the world. You will decide your working time. Even you can start business with us without investing a single yen. There is no limitation of profit. What you need is only good communications and selling ability. If you are interested, please contact with our office with your business idea. We guarantee that only with a single meeting you can start you business successfully.
You can own a complete enterprise grade soft switch and billing on rental basis. No need to buy expensive hardware, servers, software licenses and support. Within three days your system will be online after order.
We also provide configuration, custom control panel development as well as onsite and online training for major commercial and open source VoIP services.
We can provide hardware, installation and support for IP PBX system with very low cost in compare to traditional high cost PBX system. Ofcourse you will get full functional IVR, voicemail system, caller ID identification etc. professional features. You can save at least 80% of PBX and international call and even local phone cost by using our cost effective and reliable services.
We have mobile dialer for both Symbian based mobile (Nokia N and E series ) as well as Windows mobile6.0 based mobile phone. You can easily use that dialer for cheapest international call via WiFi or GPRS network.
Very fast business setup No need for down payments/purchase of cards *
No limit of profits
You can select a suitable option from different business models
We provide promotional materials free of charge *
Very transparent transaction

Important Notice

Non Free Access Number
034589-9691 SadiatecCard / sadiatecSmartpit
034589-9692 Ring2phone Smarpit
034589-9695 Rose Family-New Sky tree
034589-9695 Gomti Calling-2
034589-9695 Subarashii group

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