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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sadiatec Mobile, iphone, PC, All IP Bangladesh Rate : 2.38 Yen & J-Mobile Bangladesh Rate: 3.57 Yen

Ring2phone Calling Card ::

Ring2Phone ::

Ring2Phone is a smart and modern application/software of Sadiatec for telephoning in lowest price/rate from, iPhone, iPad, Laptop, PC, Tablet PC, Android etc to all countries.
Ring2Phone is computer based telephony system. You can use your computer as a telephone using latest internet technology with the cheapest rate. There are two type of Ring2Phone dialer. All the rates and services are same in both dialers. Only difference is in design. You can try any dialer. Please note that user name and password of Ring2Phone Japan will not work with Ring2Phone Global dialer. So, please be careful before buying card.
Call from any PC using from anywhere in the world with our free software.
Online call detailed record guarantee transparency
Optimized voice quality for your internet connection.
Enjoy lowest 24 hour flat rates. No hidden costs!
Remaining balance indicator.
Guaranteed privacy means no third-party banners or advertisement.
In just three easy steps.

1. Download and install any one dialer from here and install.
After clicking any of the above links, do the followings
Click on save NOT run.
Save it at a convenient place like desktop
After download complete, click or double click on ring2phone icon
2. Click next, next until installation finish. Click finish.
Find the ring2phone Japan or ring2phone global icon on your desktop
Click or double click on it. At this time, if windows firewall setting asks you to unblock the dialer, then unblock it. You should see the login screen and you are ready to call.
3. Buy proper Ring2phone card from any reseller.
4. Login and call
Scratch off Username and Password , enter that to dialer and click login.
Check the audio settings Click next and follow instructions. Make sure your ordinary headphone or USB headphone is selected properly. This test normally require for the first time only. Then close that.
Enter your destination number as follows country number + telephone number. Example: to call to Bangladesh mobile enter 8801#########
Then click dial button.
To finish call click finish button and check your calling time.
Pentium 500 MHz PC or higher (1.0 GHz recommended)
Minimum of 256MB of memory (512MB recommended)
Windows XP/Vista
Microphone and speakers, or headset or handset
Highspeed (ADSL is ok, optic fiber (Hikari) recommended) internet service
* Mac is not currently supported.
Cannot hear voice properly
Check audio settings, your headphone and volume control of your computer.

Call quality is not good
Check internet speed. Close any kind of messenger (ie. yahoo, msn, etc. ), audio /video player for better voice quality

Seeing message Unable to register to SIP server
Check your computer security setting first. If it does not solve your problem, please call us.

My balance is going down but I cannot hear
Please contact with customer center

Important Notice

Non Free Access Number
034589-9691 SadiatecCard / sadiatecSmartpit
034589-9692 Ring2phone Smarpit
034589-9695 Rose Family-New Sky tree
034589-9695 Gomti Calling-2
034589-9695 Subarashii group

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